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EDC Experiment 001 Available Today.

Hi! I'm Patrick

For the past 15 years, I've helped entrepreneurs design and launch award winning products and brands. Now, I'm going to show you how to do the same. Through a series of case studies, I'll show you how to design a product, build a brand, and turn your craft into your calling.


The sales from these case studies fund my mission to show you how to turn your craft into your calling.

001 : Experimental EDC

High Performance Every Day Carry solutions built using space age materials. Each experiment is produced only once, so, no matter what you buy, you'll know you're carrying something special.

002 : Makers Market

Miss out on one of our EDC Experiments? Can't afford to buy a $400 backpack? Just want to make some cool shit on your own? Makers Market is where you can get the plans to make any of our sold out EDC Experiments. Makers Kits include a set of patterns; a tech pack, so you know how it all comes together; and a bill of materials, so you know what you need to buy. Typically, this is tightly held intellectual property. I think we should share.

Let's work together to turn our craft into our calling, so we can make our communities better.

Follow along to learn how to turn your craft into your calling.